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Relinquishing a Dog to Fox Terrier Rescue of Colorado

At this time, Fox Terrier Rescue only accepts purebred dogs that are Wire Fox Terriers.

We are willing to work with your family to help you be successful in keeping your dog. However, if you must relinquish him/her, we will be happy to take the dog.

We require that vaccinations are current as we are not able to board the dog without this. We also ask for any donation you could offer to offset potential expenses.

After you have relinquished your dog, we will be happy to stay in touch with you regarding how the dog is doing in his/her new home, but we do not put you in touch with the new owners. We will be happy to share photos, however.

We make every attempt to place your dog in a foster home setting prior to rehoming but oftentimes, we do not have enough foster homes. In this case, your dog will be boarded at a kennel.

FTR does not buy or sell dogs but provides a free service to help place them in new and loving homes when their owners can no longer keep them. Our rescuers will gratefully accept a donation to help pay for expenses and defray future costs for your dog and others with which they assist. Unless so indicated, such donations are not tax deductible.

You will be required to fill out a release of ownership form. Please read the Notes on Relinguishing (below), then Click here to complete our release form.

If you would rather use our email form to contact us, click here.

Notes on Relinquishing:

We attempt to make each release as easy for the dog as possible. To accomplish this we ask that you provide as many of the following items as available. In some cases, the familiarity of the items will help your dog feel comfortable and/or avoid distress, as from rapid food change. In others, the savings to the rescuer’s immediate funds will help another less fortunate dog who comes with little or nothing.

Many dogs have food allergies or food intolerances. If you are aware of any that your do has, please provide a statement about them and any veterinary records about them (or alternatively give information to permit us to contact the veterinarian treating for the allergies if different from the one named in the release information). Even if you can only write down what you remember of such allergies, it can be a great help. Please take the time. Dogs also may have other allergies also - to medications, fleas, certain grasses, and even vinyl or rubber in toys, etc. If you are aware of any such problems, please also give information about them.

If your dog has ever experienced seizures, or any other major medical problems, please summarize them on a separate sheet of paper, using your own words. Include information about how often the problem recurs, and when the problem seems to occur, if it associates with a time of day or evening or with an activity or event - like heavy exercise or in crowds with unfamiliar people. If you know of any procedures to recommend for lessening the effects or relieving the problems please describe them too.

Thank you for your extra time spent gathering the above items and information.

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