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Adoption Policies

You have already started in the right direction by coming to our web page and taking the opportunity to learn as much about these breeds as possible. We strongly encourage you to link to the Fox Terrier Network site to absorb all the information there, if you are new to the Fox Terrier breeds.

First, please fill out our adoption application form. The more information we have about you and your family, the easier it is for us to match up the right dog with the right home. Fox Terrier Rescue does not operate on a first come, first serve basis - we fit the right dog to the right situation.

After you email your application, we will have a Fox Terrier representative contact you. Part of our process is an interview, a veterinary reference check and a home check. Please do not be offended at the home check. We are primarily interested in checking the fence setup to be sure it is adequate for the dog we may place. These breeds have extraordinary problem solving ability and if there is a way to get out of a fenced yard, they’ll find it.

The following parameters are used/considered when we place dogs:

Adoptions are on a two-week trial basis. If you are not happy with the dog you are adopting, no harm done.

You will be expected to sign an adoption contract. If for any reason you can not keep one of our dogs, the dog must be returned to us.

Our adoption donation fee varies by dog and includes: all vaccinations (except rabies), spay/neuter, dental work if necessary, heartworm check, grooming, blood work if applicable, and any other medical condition that we are aware of attended to. Dogs over the age of 9 are placed at no charge, but donations are always appreciated.

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